JESSIA knows she can do better on “Care About Me”


The beauty of JESSIA’s music comes from the comfort she brings through her lyrics. The Canadian pop singer-songwriter uses her skills to craft emotionally relatable songs, reminding her listeners that she also feels the same doubts or passions or moments of rage that they feel on a daily basis. She ended last year with “One Before The One,” a delicate indie pop ballad that found JESSIA ruminating over her status as a perpetually single woman. With the way the dating world is today, it makes for an unofficial anthem to those who find themselves as also being the “one before the one.” It seems like JESSIA and everybody else are better off single, though, after hearing what she goes through on her new song, “Care About Me.”

A stirring pop ballad, “Care About Me” highlights the complexities of loving someone who does not offer the same type of love in return. Over the vulnerable sounds of the piano, JESSIA battles with herself, wondering why she defends this person and why she chooses their happiness over her own. With vocals that soar and bleed, she sings, “I know that I deserve better than this / But I don’t know how to not treat myself like shit / ‘Cause you don’t even care about me / It’s obvious, but I’m still crawling back on my knees.” You can listen below.

Telling us more about “Care About Me,” JESSIA explains,

“I knew it was a special song as soon as I wrote it, but I didn’t know if anyone would relate. I was terrified to tease it, but as soon as I did, my video comments were flooded with people sharing their stories of feeling unseen or alone in relationships and other commenters empowering the brokenhearted. I am proud to say it has become another ‘safe space’ anthem for my community.”

You can listen to “Care About Me” on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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