Discover the Enchanting Tale of “Flew Away” by Maryen Cairns in her Latest Single Out Today!


Singer-songwriter Maryen Cairns, hailing from Guernsey, has released her latest single, “Flew Away.”

This is the second single release from her upcoming album entitled “One Woman Band: Live at Echotown Studios Vol. 1”. 

And It being International Women’s Day today is very apt for this song as it is about one amazing woman, Joan Taubman – one of Australia’s first female pilots! 

“Flew Away” is a tribute to her remarkable life. Rooted in folk traditions, Cairns’ soaring vocals and intricate guitar arrangements paint such a vivid picture of Joan’s extraordinary past as one of Australia’s pioneering female pilots. 

Despite not knowing much about her, Cairns was deeply moved by her resilience and courage: 

“ “Flew Away” is a reminder that we cannot tell about a person just by looking at them, and this is particularly true about old people. Case in point – I met Joan Taubman as a very old lady, but it wasn’t until many years later that I found out she was one of Australia’s first female pilots, best known for flying aerobatics for the home crowds during WWII. An amazing woman!”

There is powerful storytelling in this song; the listener is able to put together a picture of what she looked like as a young woman, what she looks like now, as well as the life she led. 

One notable aspect of the song’s production is Cairns’ innovative approach to overcoming a challenge that she faced during recording. Originally featuring a whistling solo by her friend Paul Stockton, she found herself unable to whistle. Undeterred, she substituted vocals for the solo, infusing the song with her own personal touch while staying true to its essence. 

Recorded at Echotown Studios in Dorchester, UK, and produced by the legendary Chris Kimsey, “Flew Away is the second single from Cairns’ highly anticipated album “One Woman Band: Live at Echotown Studios Vol. 1.” This album, which marks her debut vinyl release, promises to be a significant milestone in an illustrious career. 

With seven highly acclaimed solo albums under her belt and a career spanning three decades, Cairns has established herself as a prominent figure in the music industry.

Collaborations with renowned artists like Fish and Chris Kimsey have further enriched her musical journey, while a recent solo tour across the UK in August 2023 served as a source of inspiration for her latest endeavours. 

Cairns has also embraced innovative ways to engage with her audience, such as The Cairns Club—a platform for sharing personal anecdotes—and a popular livestream series. These initiatives, along with her unwavering commitment to her craft, have cemented Cairns’ reputation as a beloved storyteller and performer.

Stay connected on Maryen Cairn’s Website, Facebook and Instagram. 

Stream music on Spotify , Apple Music and YouTube Music. 


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