Celebrating Hometown Nostalgia: Siren’s Latest Single “Small Town” takes you back on a Journey to the 80’s!


Siren, the esteemed 1980’s band hailing from South Florida, recently released their latest single “Small Town”!

Renowned for their strong influences in melodic rock and blues, this new track evokes a profound sense of hometown nostalgia and explores treasured reminiscences of younger years. Under the leadership of vocalist and lyricist Rob Phillips, Siren transports its audience to an era of simplicity and innocence through their captivating musical arrangements.

“Small Town” takes its roots in Phillips’ personal upbringing in Brandon, Florida. His reflective lyricism, coupled with soul-stirring vocals, encapsulates a fusion of melodic rock, progressive, and blues elements that define Siren’s signature sound. 

The single was recorded at Madison Studios, with drummer and engineer Mike Cupino contributing his expertise to refine the song’s framework. Additionally, the band enlisted the talents of video director Isaac Dietz to create a visually compelling narrative, which further captures the essence of small-town town life across scenic locales in Georgia and Florida. 

“I was just tooling around on my acoustic and started reflecting about growing up in my home town of Brandon when I was a boy,” said singer Rob Phillips. “It was a very simple and carefree time which created so many fond memories from that period in my life”. 

The accompanying video chronicles the adventures of a young couple in love, exploring their hometown on a sun-drenched summer day, interwoven with poignant scenes of an elderly married couple reminiscing about their youth. It is a reflection of first loves and the nostalgia of growing up in a close knit community.

Video producer Isaac Dietz enjoyed being a part of a project for the band who were trying to capture a memory or feeling they had had:

“I’m a big fan of memories and nostalgia, and I could tell that ‘Small Town’ was a personal song for Siren,” said Dietz.  “When I was young, I had a camera and would make little videos with my friends. Now as an older man, I look back on those videos and remember my childhood and it felt very aligned with the song while still being personal for me”.

Building upon the success of their 2021 album “Beyond The Rainbow,” Siren have been diligently preparing new material for their forthcoming album, set to be released in the summer of 2024.


“Small Town” stands out as the title track of this highly anticipated return, while staying true to their musical roots. With a solid commitment to storytelling, and their ability to write infectious melodies, Siren remains a captivating force on the music scene today. 

Stay current with Siren on their Website and social media Facebook and Instagram. 

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