Vicke Blanka Asks Fans ‘Ça Va?’ at NYC Show


These past several months have been a busy one for Japanese singer-songwriter Vicke Blanka. His performances at events such as the Jeddah Events Calendar 2023 Anime Village at City Walk in Saudi Arabia, Rimini Comix in Italy, Japan Expo in France, and many others pique the interest of overseas fans. Making his way across the Atlantic Ocean, he recently held his North American Tour 2024. The tour, which spans across 10 different cities, was the artist’s first-ever headline tour in North America.

On February 20, Vicke Blanka took over Palladium Times Square for the tour finale. Situated in the middle of a vibrant tourist attraction, the bright yellow marquee glowed as attendees gathered around for the show. Upon entering, fans were heard voicing their excitement and vibing along to his songs from the pre-show playlist.

The enticing notes of a piano commenced as Vicke Blanka stepped out to a crowd full of cheers. He kicked it off with the tracks “蒼天のヴァンパイア (Soten no Vampire)” and “Shekebon!” that set the lively mood for the night. For his opening MC, the singer mentioned how it was his first time in New York and a fan shouted “ようこそ (Welcome)” in return. It was the final stop of the tour so he wanted it to be a memorable experience for everyone.

Switching to guitar, Vicke Blanka performed one of his most popular songs “Black Rover” from the anime series Black Clover as fans sang along to the infectious beats. Throughout the show, he transitioned between playing guitar, piano, and DJing, showcasing his skills as a multi-talented artist. He was usually accompanied by a live band for his shows in Japan but he specially re-recorded all the background instrumentals for this tour.

The setlist consisted of a variety of songs that brought out Vicke Blanka’s diverse styles. From his debut single “Slave of Love” to “Stray Cat” and many others, the artist mesmerized the crowd with his distinctive falsetto. The funky, techno tracks “Death Dance” and “Snake” were enough to get everyone to dance along. It was worth noting that he changed the setlist at every stop of the tour, curating a unique experience for each city.

Stopping in between songs, Vicke Blanka kept the audience engaged with his speeches. He described New York as a crazy city while commenting on how beautiful Times Square was. With it being a one-man show, there was one amusing moment where he started speed-walking laps around the stage as he said that he “didn’t want to waste all that space.”

Anime lovers rejoiced when he performed the ballad “Lucky Ending” from the series Fruits Basket as he delivered stellar vocals. Afterward, Vicke Blanka spoke about how this tour marked the beginning of his career in North America and he promised he would be back thanks to his long work visa. Filled with contentment, the artist proceeded to record a video with the audience for Instagram.

With the show nearing its end, Vicke Blanka made sure everyone was having a good time. Fans jumped and waved their arms around with the French-Japanese track “Ça Va?” and the reception for “Black Catcher,” another song from Black Clover, was immense. For the encore, the audience had the option to choose which songs to perform and they ultimately went with “Winter Beat” and “Black Rover” for a second time. As the final note concluded, Vicke Blanka tossed his remaining guitar pick into the crowd before giving his last farewell.

Vicke Blanka’s first North American tour was a blessing for many fans who got to witness his talents in person. Melodic Magazine had the pleasure of meeting him after the show in which he shared that he will be heading to LA to work on new music. We will look forward to his upcoming work and return!

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Photos and words by Angela Leung

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