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Recommended Tracks: Buying Time, Infamous, Where the River Runs

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Talk about a debut! The Faim will be your newest favorite band with their most recent release. Following their EP Summer is a Curse from last year, the band’s first full-length album State of Mind is a solid debut. After giving this record a spin, it is safe to say these head-bobbing tunes will sure be stuck in your head for weeks!

The album consists of a collection of ten tracks. Kicking off with “Tongue Tied,” this song features a catchy guitar riff that makes a strong intro from the get-go. This leads to the next song “Humans,” a previously released single, which has a tune that listeners could hum along to. “Summer is a Curse” is the title track off their EP which greatly made its way back to this album. From listening to their EP, it is apparent that the Faim has developed their sound with the new material. Aside from their upbeat tracks, the songs “Beautiful Drama,” “Infamous,” and “Where the River Runs” are more on the slower side with their beautiful melodies and captivating vocals. Through each track, lead vocalist Josh Raven delivers a raw performance that makes listeners wanting for more. To close it all off, we are left with the title track “State of Mind” as Josh starts it off with the line “Take a seat and let me introduce myself.” If the studio record already sounds this good imagine what it will sound like live?

The year 2019 has been a promising year for the Faim as they’ve had many exciting things in store for the public. After gathering new fans from previously opening for Andy Black’s tour, they are currently co-headlining with fellow Australian band Stand Atlantic. Be sure to check out a show near you to hear these songs live in person!


You can stream State of Mind on sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch The Faim on tour here.

Follow The Faim on social media: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram


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