Max Frost starts a new chapter with ‘Shelby Ave, Pt. 1’


There has been a deep fascination with Nashville-based artist Max Frost ever since he came onto the scene ten years ago. In the years leading up to the release of his debut album, Gold Rush, in 2018, Max became a favorite among fans with hits like “White Lies” and “Adderall.” From Gold Rush, the feel-good “Good Morning” took off, finding its way into popular ads for products like Pepsi and television shows like Shameless and American Idol. His live shows brought a new life to these songs, as Max used his multi-instrumentalist skills to play different parts while singing his heart out. His talents have also translated to TikTok, where Max is a natural star, entertaining his followers of over 500K. In 2022, Max relocated to Nashville around the same time as the release of his EP, Flying Machines. It is in Nashville where Max worked on his new EP, Shelby Ave, Pt. 1, naming the project after the street on which he wrote and recorded.

On Shelby Ave, Pt. 1, Max does some soul-searching. On parts of the project, he touches on his existence and the ways in which he needs guidance or support. We hear this on tracks like “Cig in the Morning” and “The Ghost,” two songs that sound different musically but fill us with similar feels of longing. Elsewhere, Max reflects on relationships, from falling in love to wanting someone to come back into his life. It is almost impossible not to get distracted by the instrumentals or the soundscapes on these tracks, like the prominent bass riff on “Black Hole Love” or the synth and electronics on “Avalanche,” which help promote the lyrics and Max’s vocals. Max is really a master of style on Shelby Ave, Pt. 1, whether he is giving us acoustic, dance, folk, soul, or pop. Whatever you are into, you will find it here, leaving us to wonder what will come on future installments.

About the EP, Max shares,

“Most of these songs are written about something that’s melancholic or dark, but they’re still trying to land in a beautiful place without bastardizing the truth. This music represents exactly how I feel about my life at this time. More than ever before, this feels like a new chapter. It’s a philosophical change. Everything is new and on my own terms.”

You can listen to Shelby Ave, Pt. 1 on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Catch Max at his EP release show tonight in New York City here.

Keep up with Max Frost: Instagram // X // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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