Rapper Typical DiV and Producer SØ Drop Highly Anticipated New Video for “Look 4 Yourself” from the Album ‘Sounds from the Sunroom’ “


Atlanta-based rapper, Typical DiV, and accomplished producer Sean O’Neil, known as (pronounced “ess-oh”), have recently unveiled their highly anticipated collaborative project, Sounds from the Sunroom. Representing a culmination of over two years of dedicated collaboration, this album marks a significant milestone for DiV, constituting his first exclusive partnership with a producer for an entire album. Today they reveal their colorful new video for “Look 4 Yourself,” which will entice you from the very beginning.

In a statement shared on YouTube, DiV elaborated on the release, dubbing it his “4th-quarter drop ever.” He expressed the novelty of the project, highlighting that this is the first time he has worked exclusively with a producer from start to finish on an entire album. The duo’s chemistry, previously showcased in hit singles like “Therapy Or A Bottle?” and “Safe Space,” has evolved remarkably, evidenced by the success of these tracks with nearly 200k Spotify streams.

A testament to O’Neil’s meticulous craftsmanship, Sounds from the Sunroom takes listeners on a sonic journey shaped by his expertise. O’Neil, a sought-after beatmaker for industry heavyweights such as Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, 21 Savage, and Kodak Black, has left an indelible mark on each track. Notably, he contributed to Metro’s platinum album, Not All Heroes Wear Capes, where he wrote, produced, and recorded the guitar on the track “No More.”

DiV offers insights into O’Neil’s unwavering dedication to perfection, stating, “Some of the songs you’re going to hear are like the 6th or 7th iteration. I’ve never taken this approach to music. I kind of come from the trunk — we load up the 2-track, I rap over it, I got a crazy engineer to drop the beat and do little accents. But to work with somebody who cares about what they’re doing so much to be like ’Nah, that’s not it. We gotta elevate it even more.’ I mean, I think it just shows in the music.”

Sounds from the Sunroom not only signifies a musical collaboration but also encapsulates the transformative power of a partnership fueled by innovation, dedication, and a shared commitment to elevating the artistry. As the album continues to resonate with audiences, it stands as a testament to the artistic evolution sparked by the synergy between Typical DiV and SØ.

We also caught up with the artists below for an exclusive interview which you can dive into below.

Can you share more about the inspiration and creative process behind your latest project, “Sounds from the Sunroom”?

Div – I was at a rough point in my life financially, had recently started a family, and was trying to get a coffee company off the ground. I woke up every morning at sunrise roasting coffee in my apartment blasting a playlist of Sean’s instrumentals everyday for a year. It was a perfect marriage because every sound was completely different.

What motivated you to work exclusively with a producer for the entire album, as mentioned in your YouTube statement?

Div – Cohesion. I knew that even if the sub genres changed, the message wouldn’t. The producer journey is just as important. I knew that if I stuck with Sean that we’d push each other to be better at our roles. 

How has your collaboration with producer Sean O’Neil influenced your musical style and approach?

Div – I have a huge interest in making indie rock music now. I understand I’m more than just a rapper. I could go full Bruno Mars if I had to lol. 

In what ways do you feel your music has evolved through the collaboration on singles like “Therapy Or A Bottle?” and “Safe Space”?

Div – Initially these two songs were musically sister records. But we came to realize that “Therapy” was a lot more beautiful with stripped down drums and bass. I’m a huge fan of aggressive lyrics over mellow production. 

Can you elaborate on the unique aspects of this release?

Div – In the past I’ve packaged my album releases around my birthday. July always made sense because it gave me the end of summer to work and tour the music. Live music is at an all time high and listeners are hungry for new energy. But with a drop right before the holidays people are open to introspection from an artist. It’s a reflective time of year and then we can use the entire 2024 to keep the momentum rolling!

How did the collaboration with Sean O’Neil come about, and what drew you to work with him for such an extended period?

Div – Sean played bass guitar and I was putting together a band. He sent me a couple beats a week until I told him I had a couple references. Our first sessions ever were the first iterations of  Therapy & Outta Pockett. We were adamant about the timing of the music, so we worked to fine tune every part until it was ready! It just took 3 years lol. 

What role does meticulous attention to detail play in your creative process, especially in the context of Sean O’Neil’s involvement?

Div – I think it speaks to our professionalism. We are in our 30’s and refuse to promote mediocre material. It may not be the glitz and glamours of our contemporaries but it has the star power and creativity needed to be premiere artists.

Could you share a specific example of a song from the album that underwent multiple iterations and the impact of those changes?

Div – “Therapy or a Bottle” was a standard trap beat that I commissioned Sean to remake from a producer. That version never really felt real and I think it took us to completely build the sound from scratch to feel like our own. So 4 versions later we have our album Outro.

How do you believe Sean O’Neil’s experience working with artists like Metro Boomin, Travis Scott, and others has influenced the production of “Sounds from the Sunroom”?

Div – Sean knows how to make the music feel BIG! He’s studied the industry standards. So the mix and drum movement sound stadium ready. It’s very impressive. 

How would you describe the synergy between you and Sean O’Neil in the studio, and how does it contribute to the overall sound of the album?

Div – it took alot of trial and error. But we’ve learn to keep the show rolling. If an idea is not landing we table it and move on. I pride myself on recording vocals fast and Sean is great at adjusting production to my delivery in real time.


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