“BDEE + the venomous oranges Unleash new video for “Lost In My Senses”: A Musical Triumph Redefining Neurodivergent Expression


BDEE shares their epic new video for “Lost In My Senses,” which breaks new ground today. “Lost In My Senses”, reflects upon the past and contemplates giving up while deciding to forge ahead. Synapses are snapping and new connections are made and the journey of being lost with a beacon of hope of trying to be noticed looms large. BDEE portray this with perfection. 

Renowned as a neurodivergent underground cult figure, BDEE (pronounced “Bee-Dee”) pays homage to Dee Dee Ramone and has left an indelible mark on the music scene. With a staggering catalog of over 2000 songs and nearly 200 releases in his 26 years as a musician, BDEE’s unique persona, reminiscent of outsider icons like Wesley Willis and Daniel Johnston, has garnered a dedicated cult following. The enigmatic artist’s live performances, prolific output, and eclectic versatility have contributed to his near-mythical status within his community of admirers.

Hailing from Montego Bay, Jamaica, BDEE, also known as Brian Anthony Abraham Donaldson, currently resides on Long Island, NY. Beginning his musical journey by recording alone in his bedroom for a decade, BDEE later embraced collaboration, forming BDEE + the venomous oranges in 2008 and collaborating with producer/synth player Will Forthman. The oranges’ debut, dark/ambient, released in 2016, received acclaim from influential radio stations such as WNYU and WUSB.

In 2015, the group welcomed bassist Nick Femister, solidifying the core trio, and in 2018, they released the Warpspeed EP. The pandemic-induced isolation prompted introspection, and over the following two years, BDEE + the venomous oranges meticulously crafted “Ultraviolet Spectrum.”

The lyrics, predominantly written by Forthman, explore themes of coping with isolation, living with mental illness, and navigating life on the autism spectrum. Tracks like “Daysleeper” and “Shattered Glass” delve into the challenges of recognition in the music industry, while others like “Lost In My Senses” and “Distress Signal” explore personal struggles and existential questions.

“Ultraviolet Spectrum” serves as a poignant expression of the universal feeling of being an outsider. The title track, in particular, addresses the pervasive sense of feeling like a square peg in a round hole, a sentiment that resonates strongly with those on the autism spectrum.

With this album, BDEE + the venomous oranges aim to connect with fellow neurodivergents, offering a musical narrative that speaks to the often isolating experience of being on the outside. They hope to break down negative taboos surrounding autism, mental illness, and developmental differences, emphasizing that thinking differently is not a disability but a unique perspective that deserves acknowledgment.

As we navigate the 21st century, “Ultraviolet Spectrum” stands as a beacon of support and an invitation to embrace diversity on this challenging yet wonderful spectrum we call life.

Watch the video for “Lost In My Senses” out today.

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