Indie-folk darling Mourning Coffee debuts intricate new single “Through the Darkness”


Mourning Coffee debuts today the stunning single “Through the Darkness,” available now on all your favorite streaming platforms. This release marks a pivotal moment for the artist, following the success of “Saving Grace,” and setting the stage for more releases in 2024. Vocalist Christian Diana, the mastermind behind Mourning Coffee, showcases his lyrical prowess and powerful delivery in the empowering track “Through the Darkness.” Grounded and exuding strength, every note sung and played resonates with authenticity.

As the song unfolds, listeners are taken on a journey through Mourning Coffee’s raw and robust vocal abilities, reaching a climactic point that exemplifies the artist’s musical prowess. The track is rich with emotion, featuring lush and airy melodies that weave throughout the composition.

With a captivating indie-folk-rock rhythm, the well-crafted lyrics encapsulate the spirit of Mourning Coffee’s journey. Infused with catchy overtones, the song also hints at a touch of darkness through melodica stylings.

Mourning Coffee shares:

“This song is all about the shadow work I’ve been doing this year. What even is shadow work? Well, in my opinion shadow work is the highest form of light work. This practice has taught me about my relationship to my pain, has allowed me to fully mourn things I thought I was over, and how to conquer the fears that I used to wholeheartedly believe in. We all want to be happy — remain in the light — but in order to truly be in that better place we must first go through the darkness.”

Mourning Coffee, a singer-songwriter from New Jersey, previously signed to Brink Records and Manic Kat Records, and former frontman of the touring band The Foxfires, released ‘Introvert/Extrovert’ in 2021, followed by collaborative singles and ‘RETROGRADE’ in 2022. Now rebranded as Mourning Coffee and accompanied by a band, the artist sets a new tone for the upcoming year.

“Through the Darkness” takes listeners on an almost haunting yet awe-inspiring journey within the caverns of our thoughts. Dark, hazy, and dreamy, Mourning Coffee captivates attention, emerging as a rising star to watch.

Listen to “Through the Darkness” by Mourning Coffee on all digital platforms now.

Photo by Noel McGrath



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