Peter Jonatan’s “Psalms Symphony”: is a harmonic fusion of classical grandeur and Jazz virtuosity


Renowned composer and pianist Peter Jonatan stands as a towering figure in the realms of modern classical and jazz music. Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, Jonatan’s musical journey began at the tender age of four, when his prodigious talent first graced the piano keys. Today, he holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in Jazz Studies from the esteemed New England Conservatory, where he imparts his vast knowledge as a professor. Additionally, Jonatan serves as an Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music in Boston, focusing his teachings on ear training techniques, a subject he passionately explores through various podcasts on his YouTube channel.

Jonatan’s illustrious career boasts a plethora of accolades, with his compositions being performed by prestigious orchestras such as the Prague and Budapest Symphony Orchestras, as well as collaborations with renowned ensembles like Lake Street Dive and the NEC Jazz Orchestra. Building on the success of his previous singles, Jonatan is set to unveil his debut full-length album, “Psalms Symphony,” in collaboration with the esteemed Metropole Orkest in Hilversum, Netherlands, out now.

Fans of Jonatan’s distinctive style will find “Psalms Symphony” a captivating fusion of classical grandeur and swing jazz finesse. Drawing inspiration from the opulent compositions of old Hollywood films, Jonatan infuses his symphony with a modern twist, reminiscent of iconic film composers like Max Steiner and Franz Waxman, infused with contemporary elements akin to Philip Glass’s avant-garde approach.

As a virtuoso pianist, Jonatan’s performances on “Psalms Symphony” are nothing short of breathtaking, showcasing his mastery of the instrument alongside the Metropole Orkest’s stellar musicianship. Tracks like “Kau Sangat Kucinta” and “Till I See You,” featuring acclaimed trumpeter Max Colley III, serve as a prelude to the album’s grandeur, setting the stage for Jonatan’s magnum opus.

“Psalms Symphony” is a modern-day symphonic marvel, comprising four meticulously crafted movements that traverse the realms of classical, jazz, and experimental music. Each movement weaves a rich tapestry of sound, culminating in a cohesive and emotive journey that transcends musical boundaries. With influences ranging from cinematic scores to traditional hymns, Jonatan’s album is a testament to his eclectic musical palette and boundless creativity.

With “Psalms Symphony,” Peter Jonatan cements his status as a luminary in the world of classical music and jazz. A true testament to the possibilities of classical techniques, modern technology, and rigorous ear training, this album promises to captivate listeners with its technical brilliance and profound emotional depth.Embark on a musical odyssey and experience the unparalleled beauty of “Psalms Symphony” as it takes you on a journey unlike any other.

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