Queer Advocate Indie Group Millie Milner & The Deadnames Share Punchy New Single “lie”


Beginning as a solo project and growing into a band, Millie Milner & The Deadnames of Manchester, UK was forged with a stronger mission at the heart…to be the queer representation that the band’s members struggled to find in their own teenage years. Performing under the alias of their own members’ deadnames as an act of striking back they are, if anything, truly authentic to themselves.

Exploring themes of youth, friendship, love and validity through their music, the group offer audiences a choice to step into their lives through the music they make or relate it back to their own lives. Whichever choice is made with Millie Milner & The Deadnames, you become not only a fan, but a member of the family that they have created for themselves.


For me the band is all about the bigger picture. It’s more than music, it’s a home for people like us that often struggle to find a place to fit in. 

Edi Milner (frontperson)


Inspired after a breakup of Milner’s and co-penned by a friend, “lietells of a need to take ownership of their life and their choices and the newfound element of fun and recklessness they found themselves surrounded by as a newly single person. Written as an outpour of feelings, the song itself follows a confusing structure that places focus on emotions through not only the lyrics but the music.


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