Smith and Tegio debut folk-laced single “Second Hand”


Smith and Tegio debut their intricate new single “Second Hand,” out today via all digital outlets. The combination of the two artists prove to be a match made in heaven. Smith and Tegio is the collaborative musical venture of lifelong friends and songwriting partners, Austin Smith and Mark Tegio.

Their story began in San Diego, CA, during their late teens when they were brought together by a mutual friend who owned a skate shop. Days were spent skateboarding out back, while the nights were dedicated to music and sharing songs. These formative years marked a period of musical exploration for Austin and Mark. They introduced each other to the works of singer-songwriters like Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, and Tom Waits, among others, laying the foundation for their future endeavors. Although this period was crucial in shaping their musical tastes, their true artistic collaboration and evolution as guitarists and lyricists took some more time to flourish.

On the new single, Austin shares:
“Sometimes one’s thoughts of future consequences can get in the way of the immediate perspective of desperate circumstances. If you can layout the hangups, and heartaches of that brief time within a capsule that laments a passing moment, the dust won’t settle and a direction may become more clear. Second hand is an act of pushing aside the stillness of static behavior in a percussive ring.”

In his early twenties, Austin relocated to San Francisco to pursue a career in music, performing with various local bands. Mark, on the other hand, ventured to San Francisco for academic pursuits, but music quickly took precedence over his studies. During these “woodshed years,” the two friends delved deeper into refining their fingerpicking guitar techniques and vocal styles. Simultaneously honing their skills and supporting each other, they developed a remarkable synergy that still defines their musical partnership to this day.

After Mark’s graduation, they decided to wholeheartedly pursue music, releasing their debut album and embarking on tours across the western United States. Although they initially started as a duo, they later expanded to include a band with pedal steel and stand-up bass, infusing a distinctive country flavor into their acoustic guitar-driven, lyrically rich folk songs.

Despite living in different states – Mark in Portland, OR, and Austin in Santa Cruz, CA – their passion for touring and making music together remains unshaken. On December 8 2023, they are set to release their eagerly anticipated second album “Can’t Stay Here.”

2024 is gearing up to be a huge year for Smith and Tegio and we’re eager to hear more from the noteworthy duo.


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