Electrifying Pop artist JUNYOR drops catchy new single “We Don’t Dance”



JUNYOR has quickly made his mark on the music scene with his captivating vocals, infectious energy and magnetic stage presence. Formerly the lead singer of the top trending group 4 Minutes Later, JUNYOR has embarked on a thrilling solo journey, captivating audiences worldwide with his unique blend of pop. Bringing together an old-meets-new feel, his heartfelt songs explore themes of love, self-discovery and personal growth, resonating deeply with listeners of all backgrounds.

The new single, “We Don’t Dance,” is about losing a love and the stage you go through at the beginning of a breakup. It doesn’t have to be sad but more reflective of the situation. Leaning hard into the retro synth feels with some fun, bouncy guitar, JUNYOR felt the need to make sure if the song was called “We Don’t Dance” that you wanted to dance when you heard it.

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