Sound Strider debuts distinctive new single “Psychedelic Ritual”



Sound Strider crafts a distinctive form of haute sonique, drawing from the rich tapestry of waveforms carefully handpicked from the sprawling data forests. With a touch of artistry and finesse, these meticulously chosen sonic elements are skillfully woven together to create an auditory experience like no other. This sonic wizardry transcends boundaries, seamlessly merging the organic analog body grinders with intricate digital brain busters.

On the new single “Psychedelic Ritual,” out today, Sound Strider emerges as a mysterious maestro of sound, conjuring intricate sonic tapestries adorned with ethereal beats and mesmerizing, glitched-out melodies.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for sonic exploration, Sound Strider boldly steps into uncharted realms, revealing a mesmerizing spectrum of otherworldly sounds. In this sonic journey, acoustic and digital sources intertwine seamlessly, giving rise to pulsating rhythms that transport listeners to a realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination blur, leaving the latter to reign supreme.

In the realm of Sound Strider’s spectral alchemy, the result is nothing short of magical – a mesmerizing auditory journey that transports the listener to outlandish realms of sound. His compositions are adorned with hypnotic polyrhythms that guide the mind through uncharted territory. It’s as if he weaves a musical tapestry that takes the audience on a psychedelic ethno-trigga funk odyssey, tailor-made for the information generation.

Sound Strider’s sonic craftsmanship is a testament to the endless possibilities of sound manipulation, where data forests become a boundless source of inspiration and the blending of analog and digital elements results in an ever-evolving sonic universe. In this landscape, he is a sonic sorcerer, conjuring auditory experiences that captivate the imagination and offer a sonic voyage like no other, leaving a lasting imprint on the world of contemporary music.


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