Katastro honors late singer Andy Chaves with “Good Time”


Katastro releases “Good Time” with Jared Watson and Duddy B from Dirty Heads. Arizona based band consists of Ryan Weddle on bass, Andrew Stravers on drums, Tanner Riccio on guitar, and vocals from the late Andy Chaves. Katastro has had a transitional year grieving the loss of their beloved friend and singer. Through their pain, they’ve delivered us “Good Time” which incorporates the final recordings from Andy shortly before his untimely death in 2022.

With a chorus recorded by Chaves, the band members had difficulty working with these final memories of him. “It helped remind us of the good times, but also distracted us from the enormity of what had happened,” says bassist Ryan Weddle. “It was difficult,” adds guitarist Tanner Riccio. “I wanted nothing to do with recording at first.  It took me little by little each day to get back into it. To feel comfortable, to turn this tragedy into a positive.”

“If you wanna live the good life, this is what it looks like
And if you wanna have a good time, this is what it looks like”

This song is as much a celebratory song as it is honoring the late singer and the value he brought to the Katastro fam. The lyrics leave a meaningful impression of the life Chaves led and the lasting impression he made on those around him.

“We out here living every moment like a memory
Cus i ain’t trying to look back and regret anything”

Katastro has more to release with further collaboration with Dirty Heads and with long time pals Iration. “Iration has always had our backs as well,” explains Tanner. “When we had to drop off their tour last summer, they still sold Katastro merch at the shows to help us out. The support from our fans online has been completely overwhelming.”

“Good Time” is a representation of the comraderie fostered within the local music community as well as a lasting mark of Andy Chaves and the light he brought to the world.

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