Jack West Releases His Newest Hit “Undealt”


Since releasing his sophomore album two years ago, young veteran singer-songwriter Jack West released his newest single “Undealt” today. The acoustic song was originally written when he was 15, and was re-wrote and re-recorded as West continues to push his musical career to unimaginable limits.

When speaking on the new release West mentioned the new song is a young mans attempt to make sense of the world while adopting his own philosophy, “Keeping my head help down, Keeping my eyes on the ground,” He sings. “Changing all around, nobody knows the way, keeping my thoughts to myself, keeping my cards undealt.”

West stated, “I wrote it when I was 15 on acoustic guitar,” he says. “Recorded the music for it the following year, but I rewrote it and re-recorded the vocals.” West describes “Undealt” as a song “about growing up and the challenges that come in life. Taking it one day at a time. It’s more a life song than a love song,” not far from Bob Dylan’s “Watching the River Flow.”  With elements of Neil Young, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Bruce Springsteen, The Doors, and Nirvana, West has quickly made a name for himself in the music industry, with more expected to come in 2024 click the social links before to stay up to date with what’s to come.

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