Deap Vally Gives Us a Look Into “It’s My World”



Deap Vally released an electric new hit entitled “It’s My World” earlier this week. This follows the release of their 2024 album SISTRIONIX 2.0. Formed in 2011, the female indie duo has graced the world with a primal mix of hard rock and greasy blues riffs, and have taken the world by storm with their girl power vibes.

While listening to “It’s My World” you can hear the emotion in the lyrics, with a mix between The White Stripes and No Doubt, these ladies are unstoppable. The grunge meets pop sound work perfectly with both Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards voices, while they also master their instruments. Singing the words ” It’s my world, I keep this planet spinning. You’re just a tourist, who overstayed your visit.” gives us all women empowering women vibes we could ever need. With more expected from this dynamic duo in the future, click the links below to keep up with whats next.

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