The Darcys live in the moment on “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties”


It’s getting down to the last few months of the year, which means it’s time to party. Whether you are someone who loves to socialize or prefers to be alone – there will be a party that comes your way and demands your attention. And you will either be prepared for it in your cool Halloween costume or ugly Christmas sweater, or you will be doing your best to get through the night. You may even find The Darcys at one of these parties, living it up and being in the moment. At least, that is what they are up to in their new single, “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties.”

A buzzy alt-rock anthem to crank up in the car on the way to any type of gathering, “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties” will get anyone in the mood to party. Despite the doubt that comes through in the title, “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties” is about focusing less on the flaws and focusing more on doing what feels right. Over the thrashing drums and mismatched melodies, we get lines like, “Hands up, hands high / If you don’t feel like feeling lonely tonight” and “Contemplating my head space / Wonderin’ how I got here in the first place,” taking us back to those times when we relied on the night to guide us. You can check it out below.

About “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties,” Jason from The Darcys shared,

“Life can feel impossible. It’s chock full of self-inflicted pressure and the astronomical expectations we set for ourselves. When we’re not working or exercising, we’re often looking for distractions, comfort, or escape from the existential malaise. ‘I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties’ is the opposite: it’s pure frenetic energy. It’s focused and it’s in the moment. It’s three minutes of not worrying about how you’re going to make rent. It has the feeling of reckless abandon and the whimsical energy of the two of us playing together in a room.”

“I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties” is a sample of what we can expect from The Darcys’ upcoming album, which is due for release in the winter of next year. For now, you can listen to “I’m Starting to Think I’m Bad at Parties” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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