youcallmecarla Explores Mental Health Struggles and Self-Doubt in newest Release “Mental


youcallmecarla, talented singer/songwriter hailing from the south of Germany, has released ahauntingly beautiful blend of raw lyricism and a unique with her latest release, “Mental.” 

Carla Freude, at just twenty-two years old, possesses a songwriting prowess that belies her age. Her soothing voice draws you in to the track while her lyrics keep you hooked from the first note to the last. Carla is a rare gem in the music industry, offering a style and personality as distinctive as her music itself. Her previous release, “another lack,” was a masterclass in storytelling, taking listeners on a journey through heartbreak and self-reflection, all while managing to find a tinge of melancholic beauty in the chaos of relationships.

In “Mental,” Carla explores the labyrinth of overthinking, mental health struggles, and self-doubt, all while craving meaning and connection in life. The song’s infectious rhythm and melodies make you want to dance, beautifully capturing the experience of existing when every thought feels like an anchor, dragging you down into a sea of uncertainty.

youcallmecarla’s lyrics touch on the universal theme of seeking solace and meaning in someone else when you can’t seem to find it within yourself. In a world where social media often portrays people as perpetually happy, fulfilled, and successful, “Mental” serves as a reminder that not everyone is always as they appear online. We all have our struggles, and it’s crucial to acknowledge and empathize with those who battle with their inner demons daily.

Listen to “Mental” on Spotify or Apple Music, now.

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