Julia Wolf Releases Captivating New Hit “Wishbone”


New York based artist Julia Wolf has released a new track entitled “Wishbone” this week. The indie pop artist has made quite the name for herself with her unique sound and captivating tone. Following the release of her debut album Good Thing We Stayed Wolf has continued to blow up in the music industry. Featuring a hard-hitting production of live drums and electric guitar “Wishbone” is reminiscent of her alternative rock roots and gives us exactly what we were hoping for.

When speaking on the new song Wolf stated, “Wishbone is the devastation that comes with having feelings for someone who is intentionally on and off with you. It’s the moments of hope paired with days of no communication. It’s a painful experience I’m so fully aware of as it’s happening and yet can’t stop myself from going back to again and again, becoming so sore, but always craving more.”

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