The Grogans face communication breakdowns in “I Cannot Read Your Mind”


Courtesy: The Grogans

Melbourne rock band The Grogans has just unleashed their latest track, “I Cannot Read Your Mind”, an incendiary rant about miscommunication. The single comes after the announcement of the trio’s upcoming album, Find Me A Cloud, set to release on October 20th.

“I Cannot Read Your Mind” is filled with elements of punk, grunge and garage rock, as the band continues to explore their sound. The track’s explosive guitar riffs and light speed drums convey a sense of urgency and frustration, seamlessly translating these feelings into an almost cathartic sound.

The track started as an instrumental jam, evolving through their live shows and taking its final form with some raging vocals. The constant repetition allows the listener to fully let go and vent their anger and confusion, with the simple but powerful statement in the chorus. With the devastating “You never thought I cared about you, but I do”, the track embodies a sense of defeat, “the pure frustration in not being able to understand someone when they aren’t communicating with you, in an argument or in general life”, as the band explains.

Check out the music video for “I Cannot Read Your Mind” below:

“I Cannot Read Your Mind” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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