NOBRO releases unhinged party anthem “Let’s Do Drugs”


Courtesy: NOBRO

Canadian punk rock band NOBRO just unleashed their latest single, “Let’s Do Drugs”, a wild anthem about partying as hard as you can.

“Let’s Do Drugs” goes straight to the point: we’re not getting any younger, might as well party on and do it all. The relentless chanting is sprinkled with lots of humor, with gnarly lyrics describing the aftermath. It is dumb, out of control, and painfully self aware: we will do whatever it takes for one last thrill, regardless of the consequences. As the band describes it, “it’s like shotgunning a beer then immediately puking on yourself”.

The punk group pushes boundaries not only in the genre, but as a female-fronted band in a still male dominated scene; NOBRO rebels against any societal expectations, and “Let’s Do Drugs” is the ultimate F-bomb. The sound is heavy and complex, bringing a more sophisticated element to and otherwise ridiculous scenario, a rebellious act all on its own: while the song is almost a parody of the lifestyle, the music is galvanizing and fresh.

Check out the music video for “Lets Do Drugs” below:

“Let’s Do Drugs” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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