Jennifer Harper showcases piano-driven single “Mary Magdalene”


Jennifer Harper’s “Mary Magdalene” is a tender and comforting piano ballad that showcases the depth and emotive power of women and femininity. Set against the backdrop of delicate piano chords, Jennifer Harper’s vocals exude vulnerability and raw emotion, drawing listeners into an intimate and evocative experience. The song’s lyrics are equally captivating, as they delve into a spiritual experience Jennifer had with Mary, exploring themes of redemption, love, and self-discovery. Each word is delivered with soulful precision, leaving a lasting impact that lingers long after the song has ended. This song has a potent message that can only come from such a talented artist, mother of 3, and woman. 



The sparse and minimalist piano accompaniment in “Mary Magdalene” allows the Jennifer Harper’s voice to take center stage, emphasizing the song’s contemplative and introspective nature. The subtle dynamics in her performance build tension, heightening the emotional impact of the narrative. As the song progresses, the piano subtly swells, mirroring the intensity of the artist’s vocals, creating a powerful crescendo that draws the listener even closer to the heart of the story being told. 


Strong female voices of the ’80s, like Annie Lennox and Chrissie Hynde, inspired Harper. The raw intimacy of Tracy Chapman’s voice and lyrics gave her the strength to be an artist true to her own experiences. This can be seen through Jennifer Harper’s piece, “Mary Magdalene”, in the way she is bold, fearless, and knowing of her beliefs. 


One of the standout qualities of “Mary Magdalene” is the Washington D.C native’s ability to infuse the song with genuine authenticity. Her heartfelt delivery and the raw vulnerability in her voice makes the listener feel as though they are bearing witness to an intimate confession. The song’s gentle pace allows the emotions to breathe and unfold organically, further amplifying the emotional connection between the artist and her audience. It is evident that the artist has poured her heart and soul into this piece, making “Mary Magdalene” a deeply personal and moving testament to her artistry. 


Jennifer states, “Although I’m not well versed on her life and teachings, I do know there are a lot of women on spiritual paths at this time – connecting with her, channeling her and following her ancient wisdom It’s clear she has been misunderstood, slandered, and her influence hidden throughout history. I started reading a bit about her historical role and was fascinated by stories of her sacred sexual powers.”


“Mary Magdalene” is a mesmerizing and soul-stirring piano ballad that captivates from the first note to the last. The female artist’s poignant vocals and masterful storytelling create an immersive experience that transports the listener into the heart of her narrative. Through her tender and introspective exploration of Mary Magdalene’s journey, the artist touches on universal themes of love, redemption, and self-acceptance, leaving a profound and resonant impact on all who hear it. This powerful and emotive offering cements the artist’s place as a genuine talent in the realm of soft, piano ballads. 


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