Head In The Clouds Returns To Pasadena For Its Fifth And Hottest Year


The Head In The Clouds Music and Arts Festival, a huge celebration of Asian culture, music, and food, is back for its fifth year! Returning to the Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, the festival and its impressive line-up definitely kept fans entertained through the hot summer day for day one. Check out some of the recaps from day one down below!

Warren Hue:

The ‘Boy Of The Year‘ was the first act on the main stage this past Saturday. With a set showcasing both his rapping and singing skills, Warren Hue was the perfect hype man for the 88 Stage. From performing certain songs from his 2019 release ‘Sugartown‘ to his latest single “Tennessee,” his set easily showcased his musical journey, allowing both new and old fans to enjoy the set. Constantly interacting with the crowd and even performing with a selfie cam on stage, Warren not only won over the crowd with his charisma but also somehow made his set feel intimate despite knowing that this was a festival performance.

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The solo artist Milli, who has gone viral for spitting multilingual bars, not only showcased her amazing rap skills but also demonstrated her vocal talent. The Thai performer proved during her set that she was what it takes to be a true pop star. From rapping to singing, and to even demonstrating impressive choreography, Milli is the star to keep your eye on for she is the total package. From the moments when she commanded the stage by herself to the moments when she was joined by her backup dancers, Milli’s stage presence never dwindled and only got stronger and stronger.

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Rina Sawayama:

Passion and emotion were served right from the start of Rina’s set. Starting the performance with her song “Hold The Girl,” Rina belted out her emotional notes with such ease and clarity. As the set continued on, Sawayama demonstrated she has what it takes to be a full rock star with songs such as “Dynasty,” but also has the talent to be a full pop diva with her performance of “Comme Des Garcons (Like the Boys).” Demonstrating acting skills and also providing full-on choreography, the singer put on a mesmerizing show as she took on the 88 Stage.

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Akini Jing:

The multi-dimensional creator and performing artist Akini Jing captivated the audience at the Honda Double Happiness Stage with her eclectic electronic-pop sound. With an album set to release later this year, the Chinese artist was a burst of energy and happiness. From choreographed dance routines to jumping around the stage, to even showing off some sword dancing skills, the pop star always kept the crowd surprised leaving them unsure of what was to come. If her set was a true indication of how her album may shape out to be later this year, we will be eagerly waiting for it.

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Sharing a time slot on the 88 Stage, both DPR Live & DPR Ian brought out a huge uproar from the crowd. Starting the time slot was DPR Live who went wild with his rap performance as he jumped from one side of the stage to the other. Constantly interacting with the crowd and taking the time to state that anyone can be a dreamer and that anything is possible if you just try, DPR Live had the crowd constantly cheering him throughout the first half. Taking on the second half of the time slot, DPR Ian went on full blast as a true Pop star. As the crowd went wild in excitement, dancers filled the stage and danced alongside DPR Ian as he won over the hearts of many. DPR Ian not only showcased his dancing skills but also his vocals, proving he was born to be on stage.

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Rich Brian:

Pretty much an annual resident of the 88 Stage, Rich Brian never disappoints when it comes to putting on a show. Oozing with a hunger to perform, the performer was running and hyping the crowd from every single corner of the main stage. Even creating one on one time with his fans, mid-way into the set Rich Brian went towards the barricade as he rapped and sang directly to his fans. Always full of surprises and excitement, there’s no doubt that Rich Brian fully understands how to control and hype a crowd.

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Jackson Wang:

Headlining the 88 Stage and having recently finished his world tour earlier this year, Jackson Wang brought what can be deemed an encore stage of his ‘Magicman Tour.’ With an impressive production, a full-on dance crew, and his deranged Magicman persona, Wang gave his 100% as he closed out The Head In The Clouds Festival this past Saturday night. Fans went wild as Jackson seductively moved across the stage and demonstrated his true star power as every action was perfectly planned for the crowd. With an astonishing performance where its energy level never died down, Jackson Wang was the perfect ending for such a crazy summer day in Pasadena, CA.

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Photos By Angela Leung: Instagram, Twitter

Words By Angel Escobar: Instagram, Twitter

Check out photos from day two down below:

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