The Band Camino releases new album, ‘The Dark’, before going back on the road


Recommended Tracks: “Told You So,” “Save My Life,” “Let It Happen,” “Novocaine”
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The Band CAMINO has used their music for years as a way of taking accountability for failed relationships and being able to come to terms with why it went wrong. However, with their newest album, The Dark, the boys turn around the narrative for the first time, calling attention to how, possibly, they aren’t the bad guy. The songs are fueled by the theme of happily letting someone go who isn’t right for you and understanding they were the problem.

The Dark released today, featuring 4 singles that were released earlier this year; while bringing 7 brand new, unheard tracks to fans. The album opens on “Told You So,” which is a familiar song to fans since its release in February. This song tells the story of a relationship turned toxic. Frontman, Jeffery Jordan, sings unapologetically to his ex, detailing how they made a fool of him and ruined their chances of a relationship. It is apparent the singer is happier without this ex in the picture. While creating a driving sound, “Told You So” is a song you can belt the words out to if you’ve ever felt relieved and powerful from leaving a toxic relationship.

“What Am I Missing?” speaks on the mentality of missing someone who doesn’t think about you anymore. It details the struggle of hoping for a reconnection while simultaneously understanding why the split was necessary through a paradox of emotions. While the theme of the song is complex and darker, the sound is somewhat of an anthem. The next song on the album speaks more on someone who remains in a relationship even when it is obviously not good for them. “Save My Life” is rooted on the partner’s toxicity in terms of “twisting the knife in” and “making it hard to breath.” The song elaborates on the difficulty of leaving a relationship that is clearly leading to your own downfall, hence the lyrics “I can’t turn you down to save my life.” This song is sure to be a crowd favorite as its sound resembles past popular songs by the band.

“It’s You” is a slightly milder song on the album, having a calmer and more harmonious sound. The songs meaning is pretty apparent with the lyrics “It’s not me, it’s you.” The song goes into depth on being in a failing relationship where the problem truly is not you. There’s times where even though both people have issues, there is only one who is making the relationship impossible to work. This drum driven song perfectly captures the unapologetic feeling of understanding that it isn’t your fault.

The song “See You Later” takes a different theme than most of the album. Talking about a relationship with a beautiful person while having no need for jealousy or worries. Containing some ear tingling high notes from Spencer Stewart, this song is filled with feel good, fun time vibes that bring a lighter tone to the album. Similarly, “Novocaine” focuses on the sparks of a budding romance. The initial feelings of the rush, excitement, and comfortability that comes with falling for someone. The guitar pulls the song along while the familiarity of The Band CAMINO’s sound keeps the audience engaged. The boys sing on “feeling for the first time” as a way to describe the seemingly new intensity and depth of emotions that falling in love can bring. The song is more of a happy story than the rest of the album and brings about a fast paced sound of light to The Dark.

The album comes to an end with “Last Man in the World,” a song that will have you jumping and singing along with all your energy. The guitar solos are killer and the flow of the song keeps the energy high throughout the whole track. Focusing on the powers of a strong, emotional relationship, this song elaborates on the term “kiss me like I’m the last man in the world.” There was no holding back on this song and it makes sense The Band CAMINO would have this hit close out their album.

Stream The Dark below:

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