Harbour steals the night with their To Chase My Dreams Tour in Nashville


Last Thursday, July 6, the band members of Harbour took the stage at Exit/In to provide fans with a night of musical genius and good vibes.

Bringing along with them Sylmar, a band focused on stoner psychedelic jazz, Harbour was able to showcase a different style of music to the fans that arrived early. With their striking vocals and shifting instrumentals, Sylmar left the audience curious and intrigued by their specific and personalized sound. After they were finished hyping up the crowd, it was finally time for Harbour to take the stage. The members of Harbour came on stage to a packed house, full of fans who had been waiting all day to hear them perform live. Ryan Green, Front man and the reason Harbour is a band, entered first with the other members close behind him. Taking the stage in its entirety due to the smaller venue and the band’s five person size, Harbour was ready to give a more intimate show to the fans of Nashville.

While the tour’s set list was focused around their newest album that released this year, the guys made sure to include some of their biggest hits from the years. Songs like “Float” and “Radiate” received cheers and applause immediately as the first note was played. It was apparent that most everyone in the crowd knew Harbour’s hits by heart, due to the sound of fans all around singing every line. Providing the audience with a fueled energy, Ryan Green and his bandmates held back to no degree.

The stage presence they brought matched the sound of their music perfectly, helping to create slower moments during the set while still maintaining a strong and lively energy for the more climactic moments in their songs. Fans new and old were starstruck from hearing Harbour’s newest album performed live! Having put more depth and instrumental theory into the 10 songs released this year, Harbour successfully made their sound stronger and more enticing. As Harbour’s set came to a close, the fans immediately started chanting “one more song.” While they may not have been in sync with what they were saying, Harbour knew exactly what they wanted and came back out for a final two songs. For one of their encores, Ryan was alone on stage to play a stripped down version of “Judy You Hung The Moon.” He slowed it down, focused mostly on the vocals of the song, and gave fans a version they wish would be recorded. After slowing it down, the full band came back on stage to play a crowd favorite; giving their all to provide fans one last song of passionate energy and whole-hearted enjoyment.

Not one person left that night wishing for something more, as Harbour had just given Nashville a show to never forget.

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