Live on the Green returns to Public Square after 3 year hiatus


This past weekend, Nashville’s free music festival returned after three years. Live on the Green was stationed at Public Square for five days of good food, merchants, live music, and amazing memories. The best part… it was completely free to enter! Fans were certainly ready to see their favorite artists on the green over Labor Day weekend. Headliners included Coin, Sheryl Crow, Moon Taxi, Santigold, and Yola. If you live in Nashville and you missed this festival, make sure to go next year as Live on the Green will surely have a great lineup. If you did end up missing the fest, no worries! We were able to cover some sets from the fest so that you can have a look at all the fun.


Alt-Rock band, Colony House blew the crowd away with their Friday night performance. These four guys have three albums and most recently, an EP that was released in 2021. Having come from Franklin, the two Chapman brothers and their other band members were excited to be playing for their state capital which is close to their home city. Focusing most of the set on their debut album Leave What’s Lost Behind had the crowd singing every line for a performance that felt like you were with all the right people. Caleb Chapman brought a contagious energy to the stage while he sang their hit songs such as “Julia”, “O YA”, “Where I’m From”, and “Looking For Some Light” while bringing in a few of their earlier songs like “Moving Forward” and “1234.” During his set, Caleb jumped off stage and walked down the alleyway in front of the stage to stand right beside the crowd not once but twice! Overall, Colony House rocked the main stage and left everyone wanting more.

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Moon Taxi finished the night off strong with a set that got the whole crowd screaming. They are known for their style of rock that incorporates sounds of pop, indie, and alternative. Having over 900,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Moon Taxi was a band to see! They focused mainly on their newest album, Silver Dream, but incorporated some of their most known hits to cater to fans who might not know them as well. The crowd was packed and more than pleased with the incredible performance.

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COIN finished Sunday night with an audience of 15,000. As time inched closer to 9:30, the time they were set to start playing, fans flurried into Public Square. The line to get inside was at least 20 people longer than usual due to so many fans having come just to see COIN. The pit was completely full like normal, but the second area behind the pit, intended for more relaxing use, was full of people standing also. They walked out to the intro of their album they recently released this year, Uncanny Valley. The intro begins with a few lines of song, and on the last line, the entirety of the crowd screamed “I’m learning to love” before the bass hit as they walked on stage. The first song performed was “Chapstick”, which is the song that follows directly after the intro in the album. “Chapstick” is a pretty popular song for the band, so it was fitting to play it at the start of the show.

Chase Lawrence brought a ton of energy to the stage, as he always does. Known for his movements across the stage during his performance, Chase created a lively and wild night and it was obvious the crowd was feeling the same way. At some points, there was a “mosh pit” created of people jumping as high as they could, bumping into one another with none of them caring. Uncanny Valley was the album most of the set was focused toward, but the band made sure to play some all time favorites. During one of these songs, “Into My Arms,” Chase jumped off the stage and walked down the center walkway to get right beside the crowd to stand above them and hold onto a hand for stability. Chase is known for doing this at his concerts, which is why it is wise to get there early so that you are nearby the rail. The band slowed it down at one point by playing “Let it All Out,” a song that is wildly popular for its second title, “10:05.” Chase has explained before he has seen “10:05” all his life. He explains that it means to take a moment to yourself and focus on being something. 10:05 is like a symbol for the band in some way, so the crowd loved hearing the song live. As the set continued, the crowd did not let up, and neither did COIN! Playing songs such as “Malibu” and “Talk Too Much” the crowd was transfixed on the stage while exerting tons of energy into dancing, singing, and hyping each other up. COIN finished their night with “Crash My Car’ which might just be their most popular song, seeing as everyone there, even people who thought they did not know COIN, were singing the lyrics. Chase made sure to finish big by climbing one of the towers on the side of the stage before finishing the set. It was obvious why 15000 people had come to see COIN perform live, as they had just performed the set of a lifetime.

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