Bittersweet Daze fest brings captivating show to Worcester


The Bittersweet Daze festival made its way to Massachusetts with its final tour stop in Worcester. This touring festival was made possible by Cavetown with his special guests and friends mxmtoon, Ricky Montgomery, and Grentperez. It was a special tour as Cavetown’s fans share mutual interest in just about everyone on the lineup, so everyone was in for a treat. What better way to see all of your favorite artists in one place.

The show took place outside all summer and the tour concluded in Worcester, MA at the Palladium outdoors. It was a near beautiful day outside with fans lining the streets early to make sure they got a good spot to watch their favorites perform. Doors opened around 4:30pm and the crowd came running in to secure their spots and watch the first act of the day.

Grentperez got the day off to a fantastic start by really bringing the energy early on. He gave the crowd a stellar show and performed songs from across his discography like “Silver Lining” and “Clementine”. Grant knew how to get the crowd going with lots of hand swaying and shouting back the lyrics. It was a majestic way to start off the show.

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The high energy continued as Ricky Montgomery ran out onto the stage and owned every moment out there. He ran out holding a mini Kirby plush to which he placed on the stage to the crowds delight. Rickys stage presence is electric and he had the crowd moving for almost every song he played, minus the more sadder tracks. He performed a lot of classics from his discography including older hits like “This December” as well as fresh 2023 releases like “Eraser” and “Black Fins”. Ricky is set to release his upcoming album Rick to much anticipation

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The stage was set for mxmtoon, a.k.a Maia to grace it next. Maia kicked her set off with her dreamy hit song “Fever Dream” before going into the dance track off of her Rising album “Sad Disco”. Maia described her music to the crowd as “happy sounding sad songs” which is pretty spot on. She definitely knows how to put on a spectacular show every time and the crowd was eating up every moment of it. Maia even asked the crowd to bark which was the first we’ve seen at a show before and it was hilarious in the best way. Maia played a variety of songs from her stellar discography, including crowd favorite “Prom Dress”, “cliché”, and closing off the set with “Mona Lisa”.

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After mxmtoon’s stellar performance, it was time for Cavetown to close out the night in style. The U.K artist came out onto the stage to the screams of the crowd. Cavetown wore his infamous hat and was surrounded by a creative stage design consisting of cardboard cutouts of what appeared to be mountains. It was a very unique set up.  He performed his hit songs like “Lemonboy”, and “Boys Will Be Bugs”. There was a sweet moment in “Hug All Ur Friends” where the entire crowd was seen hugging one another, even complete strangers. To add to an already fantastic set, Cavetown invited fellow friends and tourmates Ricky Montgomery and mxmtoon back on stage to perform their recent collaboration “Nobody Loves Me” to the crowds delight. Cavetown town ended the night and the tour with “Devil Town” , where everyone on the tour came back out and danced around with everyone to celebrate the end of a captivating tour.

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