Tim Qualls releases first single from his debut album ‘FEEL’, “Forever”


Tim Qualls, a Houston-based musician, is known for his unique blend of rootsy soul music that delves into themes of family, heartache, and the power of optimism. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Ray Charles, Jamie Cullum, and John Mayer, he stands as a soulful crooner who has captured the essence of heartfelt expression. “Forever” is not just another song—it’s the first single from his debut album, FEEL. This release marks a pivotal moment in his musical journey, showcasing his growth and evolution as a songwriter and performer. 

“Forever,” is a heartfelt ode to the journey of discovering one’s guiding light and holding onto it with unyielding devotion. This soulful anthem carries an emotional depth that is not only a testament to Qualls’ musical prowess, but also a reflection of his unique ability to craft narratives that touch the heart.

Navigating through the ebbs and flows of life’s trials and triumphs, the song’s themes revolve around the profound impact of finding one’s North Star—whether it’s a person, a passion, or a purpose. Qualls’ soulful vocals effortlessly brings to life the longing to preserve that fleeting sense of elation and clarity. As the piano keys cascade alongside the soothing rhythms, the lyrics serve as a window into Qualls’ journey of self-discovery, evoking a sense of nostalgia and introspection. 

“Forever” isn’t just a song, it’s a glimpse into Tim Qualls’ musical soul, a fusion of passion, and storytelling. This track, masterfully guided by the hands of Grammy Award-winning Randy Merrill, showcases the artist’s artistry and promises a soul-enriching experience for anyone who listens. 

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