FEEL’s “Find A Love” is a heavy dose of rock & roll


Credit: Cameron Ahlvers

Independent rock outfit FEEL has just released their newest single “Find A Love”, a vibrant anthem about life, love, and letting loose. Hailing from St. Louis, the band is entering their next chapter, with a new lineup and an ever-evolving, yet classic sound.

“Find A Love” is an electrifying track filled with pure rock & roll; citing Led Zeppelin, The Black Crowes and Humble Pie as some of their influences, FEEL manages to craft a sound that pays homage to the greats of classic rock, yet staying fresh and exciting. With it’s rumbling beat and powerful riffs, the song brings back this distinct carefree attitude that modern rock sorely needs.

The words are bright and sunny, as the listener is constantly encouraged to seek love, face adversities and ride it all out. As we’re greeted by a wild roar, “Find A Love” is our musical cue to let loose and dance around, singing along to the song’s infectious chorus. In true rock & roll fashion, FEEL treats us to a sexy guitar solo that explodes towards the end, like an everlasting jam session.

Check out the music video for “Find A Love” below:

“Find A Love” is now available on all streaming platforms.

Keep up with FEEL: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok


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