Kid Bloom “Sparkles” in new single


Los Angeles-based musican, Kid Bloom (Lennon Kloser), has dropped the latest installment of his new EP Shaky Knees, coming out in August, “Sparkle.” 

“Sparkle” transpired during a session at a friend’s studio right down the street from Kloser’s house. Kloser was inspired by the eccentric charisma of rock legend Joe Walsh. “But I don’t want to be the guy with long hair making ’70s music in 2023, so we took the song back to my house and kept messing with it,” he shares.

The track starts off with a fresh baseline as Kid Bloom slides in with groovy and vintage sounding vocals. The song progresses with drums and some hip-hop beat work. This single is steeped in influences such as Tame Impala and David Bowie. His vocals delicately float across a sea of faint synths and his 70s-inspired guitar work ensues a sound that’s revitalizing and crucial to his evolving sound

“I wrote the last album in the midst of a breakup, and that was my entire world. In a way, that was a crutch. Shaky Knees is just me diving into the abyss of whatever it is I am, and I couldn’t be more proud.” Kloser Said “Something about this music feels necessary, which is so important to me because the relationship between me and my music can sometimes collapse.”

The official music video features professional motocross racer and model Trevor Stewart.

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