Ariane Gabriel tells off her ex on “i don’t like u”


When she joined her parents’ church choir at eight years old, French American artist Ariane Gabriel realized that she could connect to people with her voice. She quickly developed a passion for singing, which she took with her through high school and into college. After graduating from the Berklee College of Music with her degree in songwriting, Ariane soon began making waves with her music. Singles like “Loser Like Me,” “pathetic,” and “VHS” received praise from hitmakers like Surviving the Golden Age and EARMILK, impressed by her ability to spin a vibrant and edgy pop tune. Ariane has certainly come a long way from singing in choir, and it is amazing that she is still able to connect to others through her voice. Sometimes, though, she just wants to cut ties, as we hear on her latest single “i don’t like u.”

On “i don’t like u,” Ariane attempts to get over an ex. Even though it has the bitterness and the energy of an indie rock track, there is a brightness to it that is more in the pop realm. The charming beats and melodies take over, giving way to Ariane’s defiant vocals. She cuts through the music with lines like, “Yeah, you really did me dirty / Made me feel I wasn’t worthy of your love” and “I wish that I could wish you well / But I really wish that you were burning in hell,” getting straight to the point. You can check it out below.

Explaining the inspiration behind “i don’t like u” on social media, Ariane shared,

“Most songs happen because/thanks to my insomnia. My ex was blowing up my phone and I was anxious and setting boundaries. I wanted to tell this person to go to hell very badly…instead of journaling, I wrote a song. If you want to tell your ex to f*** off, this might be the song for you.”

You can listen to “i don’t like u” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

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