Alex Slay Returns With The Groovy “LBD”


Nashville-based R&B singer, Alex Slay, has made a triumphant return with his latest single, “LBD,” a smooth track that is perfect for summer night drives. Despite his humble beginnings as a quiet child in a small Florida town, Slay’s journey in the music industry began after winning a local talent competition, propelling him into a world tour. Defying expectations, Slay chose the unconventional city of Nashville and has since earned prominence in the city’s flourishing R&B scene, charming audiences at renowned venues like Flamingos and Analog at the Hutton Hotel.

“LBD” immediately captivates listeners with Alex Slay’s velvety falsetto vocals, showcasing his remarkable vocal range. The chorus effortlessly weaves together harmonies, synths, and impeccably crisp bass. As the song continues, Slay ventures further with several adlibs, infectious rhythmic guitar, and ultimately transforming the song into a slowed-down, pitch-shifted version. With its infectious melodies and captivating hooks, “LBD” is an irresistible track that will surely get stuck in your head.

“LBD” is an easy-listening masterpiece, flawlessly showcasing Alex Slay’s unparalleled talent. Described by his label, A&R Factory, Alex Slay’s “completely distinctive sound fuses nostalgically warm Neo-Soul Jazz Pop tones around roots-deep RnB and light melodic Blues in a way which I can guarantee you’ve never heard the like of before.” 

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