Sonny And The Sunsets Refuse To Leave Us “Waiting”


Sonny & The Sunsets have set to release their first album in four years on August 25th titled Self Awareness Through Macrame via Rocks in Your Head Records. The first single released from the album is titled “Waiting” which keeps true to their unique vintage style west-coast pop songs, with an infectious hook and a backing keyboard mix.

Sonny & The Sunset’s “Waiting” came about from Sonny watching his son during the pandemic, waiting in his room for something to change. “He was sewing a lot, making garments.” “I began to imagine he was sewing an outfit he would wear when leaving our own dystopian planet, following a UFO coming down to help all of the teenagers escape the remnants of a planet in shambles,” says Sonny. The visual images you get when listening to the lyrics are just that, you will find yourself drifting back to the pandemic when we all felt like time was standing still , the waiting game of not knowing what would happen next. Sonny & The Sunsets really nailed this one not only musically and lyrically, but also emotionally.

When speaking about the album Sonny stated, “My parents were living in Bolinos when i was born. this was the early 70’s. there was alot of weaving, ceramics, banjo playing and this kind of thing back then. My mom said the other day she had developed a course, to be taught at the Bolinos community center, “Self-Awareness Through Macrame”. i said ‘oh, thats interesting, do you keep in touch with any of the students?’ she said ‘no, no one signed up’. that made me laugh.”

Don’t keep “Waiting” take a listen for yourself below.



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