Lindsey Lomis brings us into her ‘Universe’ in new EP


Photo credit: Anna Koblish
Photo credit: Anna Koblish

Lindsey Lomis proves yet again that she is a true powerhouse in the music industry on the heels of her newest EP release Universe. Lomis first made waves with 2020’s In the Madness EP which garnered her immense praise from fans around the globe. Now she is breaking through again, and taking us into her own universe.

“The Universe EP is a glimpse into young love, momentary flings and experiences that shape you,” says Lindsey. “I learn more about myself from every person I meet and every new experience I share with someone. This year, I allowed myself to really live in the moment and let things happen to me, even if that means I make a mistake along the way. Each of these songs are about different people who have come into my life and given me a new feeling to feel. A new lesson to learn.”

The beautifully raw EP sees Lomis navigating different moments in her life with people who have impacted her in some way. Track by track each songs talks about a certain moment in her life that has shaped her as a person and the emotions that come along with it all. “Universe” was the first song that was written for the EP and features a punchy bassline and fiery vocals. The songs meaning is about thinking if a moment is actually a coincidence or is the universe really telling you something? “Bad News/Good News” is another punchy tune where Lindsey is talking about not worrying about someone’s ex and hoping they were a bad match for that person. Speaking the words most want to say but are too afraid to. “This Time (I Don’t Wanna)” is a stand out track from the EP talking about finding the right person but not wanting to screw it all up and the anxiety that comes with that. “Kenny” is probably the most raw and vulnerable track on the EP backed by emotionally haunting instrumentals and Lomis’ beautiful stark vocals. It sees her talking about someone that seemed to have an immense impact on her, someone she hopes is well and who she cannot stop thinking about, we all have our own Kenny in a way. The closing track “Seven Days” is a groovier one about being so infatuated in someone that you always want to bask in the excitement of that moment with them.

Lindsey does such an amazing job at telling her story so authentically in this EP and in ways that others can fully feel the emotions she is expressing. If we learned anything from this stellar EP it would be to learn to live in the present more and find the joys in the little moments, much like Lindsey did in the process of creating this album. Lindsey has been making waves in the music industry and this new project is evident of a breakthrough 2023 for her, and we can’t wait to see more from her!

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