The Emerald Cities Tour visits Nashville.



The Emerald Cities tour followed the yellow brick road to music city’s Basement East venue this week. Headliner of this tour was world renowned band Nonpoint. Supporting acts included Blacktop Mojo and Sumo Cyco, which made for a night that would arguably be better than visiting the Land of Oz itself.

Starting out the night strong was female fronted band Sumo Cyco. Formed in 2011 this Canadian rock band has released three studio albums the most recent being released in 2021. Vocalist, Skye Sweetnam, provided fans with both growling vocals, and beautiful melodies. During their nine song set the band interacted intensely with the crowd, including at one point coming into the mosh pit and having everyone in the venue get down low and jump up on their count. Songs performed included “Bystander,” “Run With The Giants,” “Undefeated,” as well System of a Down’s “B.Y.O.B.” With their unique style and extreme talent, this band made many new fans that night!

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Next up for the night was rock band, Blacktop Mojo, it seemed as if fans packed the venue far and wide for this band. As soon as they entered the stage the chaos ensued. Based out of Palestine, Texas this five piece band has released four studio albums, and numerous singles. Vocalist, Matt James, came out with a huge smile on his face as fans screamed “Blacktop Mojo, Blacktop Mojo!!”  With most popular songs including “Dream On,” “It Won’t Last,” “Underneath,” and “Wicked Woman” Blacktop Mojo closed out the night with ZZ Top’s cover of “Tush.” The stage presence BTM provided was electric, from the vocals, to the riffs the entire performance was flawless. It was an amazing set to watch , and for someone who personally has never listened to BTM, they made a new fan that night.

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Finally it was time for iconic band, Nonpoint, the crowd went absolutely insane when the music began, and the lights lit up the yellow brick road setting. Formed in 1997, out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida they have released 10 studio albums, and more to come. With a sound like no other, they have previously named musical influences as Steely Dan, Billy Joel, Prince, and Michael Jackson.  During their fourteen song performance, fans moshed, crowd-surfed, and sang the songs word for word without hesitation. Vocalist Elias Soriano, had insane energy from start to finish  as he head banged, his dreadlocks were like whips , it really hyped up the crowd more and more as the night went on. Most known for songs ‘Bullet With A Name,” “Left For You,” and “Breaking Skin,” they also performed “ Heartless,” “March of War,” and “Chaos and Earthquakes.” Although the show has ended here in Nashville, Nonpoint left us saying “What a Day.” The Emerald Cities Tour began on March 2nd in Virginia Beach, and wraps up March 26th in San Antonio, Texas. Click HERE for more information on where you can find a show near you!

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Photos By: BrittMae

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