Skofee Is Emotionally-Detached On “I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant”


PC: Holy Smokes Photography
PC: Holy Smokes Photography

I’m Sorry I Killed Your Plant” is the newest release by Kansas-born singer/songwriter Skofee. The Ava Max-style pop track is an omission of disassociation from an invested partner. While she acknowledges the effort being shown, she is not connecting emotionally and is unable to reciprocate. From the first line, we get a sense of where she is at; “Wasn’t very romantic, didn’t water the plant that you planned as the perfect gift.” She’s cold, even indifferent about it, but wishes there were less stakes involved; “I wanna hold you with nothing inside my head.”

Cold and indifferent to a partner who sees a future with her; “Looking for a place of our own. You can see a wedding when I don’t.” However, the partner seems to be unaware of the discontent, or is choosing to ignore it; “Tell me what you’re thinking/Give some reaction, you can get mad, I’m asking.”

Skofee has explored a number of different styles in the early stages of her career, such as contemporary R&B on “Where Do You Hide Your Love” with Cimo Frankel, her best track yet, and the funk-tinged “Wind Up Here.” This new track leans more towards pop, and is, arguably, her most viably commercial yet. It starts off with a bare bones acoustic feel, before a lush, sweeping chorus kicks in, though it never feels overpowering. Overall, it maintains the vibe of what it feels like to keep distance, emotionally and mentally, never really kicking up to a high gear. Almost staying in a comfortable place to avoid triggering any buried emotions. As stated previously, the Ava Max influence is there in the vocal texture and production, but Skofee creatively finds ways to add original flavors.

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