BENTLE delivers the emotive and compelling “Darkest Blue”


Australian indie pop singer Josh MvVey, known as BENTLE, has released his new track, “Darkest Blue.” McVey, whose crackly vocal affectations and garbled pronunciation are reminiscent of that of his fellow countryman Troye Sivan, delivers an emotive and compelling depiction of his damaged “state of being” over the last year.  He sings of forcing himself to walk the streets of New York, where he currently resides, during the day, before entering back into whatever unknown void he had concocted up in his head at night.

The Sivan comparison is hard to ignore, which isn’t a bad thing… the track sounds like a mix of “Fools,” from Blue Neighborhood, and something that got cut from In A Dream. However, BENTLE showcases his prowess as both a soulful vocalist and skilled producer here, providing a wispy, haze-like backdrop that envelops the listener throughout.

BENTLE describes this new song as, “the connection between color, texture, and circumstance,” and says that this dark, unfamiliar space was, “equally intriguing and enlightening.” This openness to the uncertain proves that, if nothing else, BENTLE is an artist capable of capturing his emotions, whether tangible or not, and creating intimate, soul-bearing art with them.

Listen to “Darkest Blue” below.

“Darkest Blue” is out now on all major streaming platforms.

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