Annie Elise crafts her own fight song with “Gonna Be Alright”


Electronic artist Annie Elise serves up her latest offering with the single, “Gonna Be Alright.” Elise, who is an active songwriter, producer, and instrumentalist for other artists outside of her own work, is also a popular TikToker and producer for Dawn Patrol Music in LA.

The song clocks in at a little over two-and-a-half minutes with just one verse, a chorus sung twice, and extended instrumental sections. While not fulfilling typical song structure, it feels like a complete thought, similar to other electronic tracks such as the relatively unknown “Ten Missed Calls” by Tülpa and BLANKTS.

Elise refers to herself as a “conductor for color” due to her synesthesia, a moniker that is accurately depicted in this track. The shimmering synths heard throughout bring you into her wandering, eclectic mind, displaying a myriad of emotions such as fear, optimism, and longing. Vocally, she emulates the quieter yet emotive R&B stylings of Aaliyah and Brandy. Her softer tones, layered harmonies, and understated yet skillful runs begin and end in what feels like seconds, and leave you craving for more of a sound that, at this point, is something of a novelty.

The song appears to display Elise’s want for a carefree relationship despite not having experienced one yet, showing her as the one to push things forward when faced with an uncertain partner: “It’s the perfect night, the moment’s right. I don’t wanna wait, let’s do it tonight.” However, it goes far beyond just a simple longing for love. During a period of personal health issues, both physical and mental, she dove deep within herself, trying to figure out what she needed most. She found that it was stability, in all parts of her life, that she craved, and turned to creating this song in the hopes of learning how to attain that stability.

In a way, “Gonna Be Alright” is Elise’s fight song, which she alludes to, saying “To me, it’s reminiscent of a fighting through a very hard time and making it through to the other side without losing myself.” It also feels beautifully incomplete, like there should be more of this shining, glistening world to get lost in, but there isn’t. Elise has perfectly captured her feelings and made sure she said no more than she needed to, and the results are stellar.

Listen to “Gonna Be Alright” here:

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