Weekly Roundup: November 14


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to.
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Replay” – Cub Sport
“Smooth but full of energy, ‘Replay’ focuses on moving past the feeling of desire. Over a driving dance production marked by swells of bass and glittery synth, lead vocalist Tim Nelson gives us expressive vocals that tie the whole experience together.”
– Christine Sloman


2. “Georgia” – Thomas Headon
Read Megan Wales-Harding’s review of Thomas Headon’s London show here.


3.  “Arrhythmia” – Lina K.O.
“Sweeping, somber, and full of emotion. Fans of Snail Mail or Phoebe Bridgers will love this track.”
– Chelsea


4. “i wish i never had you” – quami.xyz ft. Viji
“ The intricate layering of emotional lines, distorted synths, and reverberating adlibs show just how skilled quami.xyz and producers Ark Patrol, .Dru, and Lexc Stacy are.”
– Marisa Graham


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Full playlist:

1. Cub Sport – “Replay”
2. Last Dinosaurs – “Hanson Ghost”
3. Mike Posner ft. ellis – “I’m Not Dead Yet (ellis edit)”
4. Real Pleasure ft. Dorota Szuta- “Was It Love?”
5. Thomas Headon – “Georgia”
6. Claire Brooks – “Oxygen”
7. S.C.A.B. – “Six Songs Into Your Spotify Playlist”
8. Ariel View – “Irrelevant Opinion”
9. Kit Major – “Vampire Saturday”
10. Lina K.O. – “Arrhythmia”
11. New Rules – “Late in the Evening”
12. Ella Vos ft. Myra Molloy – “Glitter and Tears (Myra Molloy remix)”
14. MICHAELA – “20 Seconds”
15. quami.xyz ft. Viji – “i wish i never had you”
16. hemlocke springs – “girlfriend”
17. Louis Tomlinson – “Bigger Than Me”
18. Joe P – “All Day I Dream About”
19. ROSIE – “Good For Me”
20. Emmrose – “Coffee and Commitment”

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