TWICE are the Queen of our Hearts on new mini-album, BETWEEN 1 & 2


Cover of TWICE mini-album BETWEEN 1 & 2

Recommended Tracks: “Queen of Hearts” and “Basics”

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TWICE do indeed “rule the whole universe” on their newest release, BETWEEN 1 & 2, and it’s more than a dream. The nine-member girl group juggernaut are back with their eleventh mini-album, and with more than fifty million views, the lead single “Talk that Talk” is just the first of eight great songs.

On first listen, “Talk that Talk” was a bit overwhelming with the accompanying music video because there was so much to take in with the great visuals of both the members and the image effects. However, headphones on with just their voices was perfect, and it was an instant library save. The lyrics don’t stray too far from TWICE’s usual love-oriented tracks, but what stood out were the addictive and intricately-layered ad-libs and syncopated parts. See for yourself, but you may have to watch it at least nine times to catch everything:

In all-English, “Queen of Hearts” is TWICE’s love letter to their fandom, ONCE. It is also a huge, warm-hearted flex, a contradiction only TWICE could achieve genuinely. Jihyo’s “bigger, greater” vocals are breath-taking, as are the other members, and the emotions they emblazon on this track are enthralling. If you’re looking for a girlboss anthem, or looking to support one, this is the song! TWICE also sing about being “Brave” for someone, and it’s hard not to see that this is another song dedicated to their loyal fans.

Switching the love gaze, “Trouble” is about a relationship where there’s no hope of saving each other, but it’s too enticing to let it go. This club bop competes with “Basics” for the danceability award of the album, and both are addictive ear-worms. Ever had a relationship where “you wanna try, but not tonight?” TWICE know the feeling, singing about how hard it can be to have overcomplicated love when all you want is to sleep good, relax, and “take it to the basics.” Well, if love is as good as the anti-drop before the final chorus, then yes, it’s more than worth it.

“Gone” is about completely losing faith in someone. It’s a great track, but the insistent, loud, repetitive buffering part of the instrumental track was overbearing. However, Dahyun’s bridge lines, plus Nayeon’s and Jihyo’s harmonizing on the last chorus redeemed it. In a completely different direction, “When We Were Kids” is full of nostalgia musing on their younger selves. The light-hearted innocence of that vision is part of the intrinsic beauty of TWICE’s discography. As time goes on, they get wiser and stronger in their selves, their music, their lives, and that spirit grows with them.

TWICE may not have gone with the dark, killer concept of other groups, but they still gave an all-kill for this record.

Ways to listen: BETWEEN 1 & 2

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