Komodos Bring the Reality of Big City Living to Narcisse


Sometimes a person finds themselves lucky enough to be introduced to a band as they are emerging. It’s a rarity that is like finding a four-leaf clover. Formed in early 2022, New York-based quintet Komodos is turning into that rare find.

Looking to find a voice in an ever-changing and constantly unapologetic city, the guys have released “Narcisse”, which was produced by former Lewis Delmar drummer and producer Max Harwood. It’s  the first song off of their forthcoming album K.O. set to be released November 3rd . It is a gut punch of a song, reminiscent of the days of grunge, when music had a rawness to it that was visceral. As anyone in a big city knows, gentrification is happening. Cultures are draining and voices are muted. Social media has made validation the ultimate reward when people can barely see the forest for the trees. This distrust and dislike for what they see happening is what seems to pull the members together. Although their muse is New York, it’s a message that resounds with many. The song is relentless from the start, the never-ending pounding of drums and a sharp bass induce an instinctual head bounce. Taran Dugal‘s vocals are an arresting counterpart to the thrashing guitars. There’s a grittiness that is vacant in so much of the overly-produced slickness that is readily available in today’s music.

“Narcisse” drops tomorrow. And you want to hear it. Trust me, you do. Check it out by clicking the link here.


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