Tool mesmerizes Tampa, FL with an ethereal, moody set



Tool is one of those bands that have managed to become an enigma. What’s Maynard going to do this time? Will the stage just be completely black and shrouded in drapes? Well, that is part of what has made Tool one of the more lasting bands to come out of the alternative era of the 90s. Those of us old enough to remember the video for “Sober” remember how new and different it was. Maynard James Keenan and company brought that mystery to the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL this past week.

The songs were, of course, the best part, but nothing could beat the light show that so beautifully enhanced all of the songs. It was breathtaking. I don’t think I can put into words what should be experienced in person at a Tool show.

Blonde Redhead opened the evening with an ethereal, moody set; a perfect way to start an evening with Tool. After a brief intermission, where a fringed curtain was put around the parameter of the stage, drummer Danny Carey took to his kit to start “Fear Inoculum”. The crowd began to get louder as Adam Jones and Justin Chancellor took their positions and the shouts were almost deafening when Maynard took the stage, staying on a platform in the far corner of the stage (a position he maintained throughout the entire concert).

Blonde Redhead:



One word of warning: Do not even attempt to video the show. It is announced and there are signs everywhere. On top of the warnings, there are people walking through the crowd that will make you not only stop recording, but delete what you recorded. So just go and pretend it’s 1994. Enjoy the music. Enjoy the light show. It’s an experience that needs to be experienced in person; no video will ever do it justice anyway.

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