Weekly Roundup: July 11


Every week the Melodic staff assembles a Weekly Roundup playlist of songs we can’t stop listening to. This week there is no shortage of bops that are sure to help curb your Monday blues
Here are some of the highlights:

1. “Timebomb” – Two Friends ft. MOD SUN
Two Friends: is there a more to-the-point band name out there? We think not. Perhaps it makes sense that a duo whose name is so cut and dry would write a song with MOD SUN, whose moniker is all about reading between the lines (Movement On Dreams, Stand Under None). Their collaboration produced the single “Timebomb,” a song about a SO who is so “unpredictable” that “nobody knows when she’s gonna blow.” It’s a fun song that continues MOD SUN’s undertaking of bringing back bubble-gum-pop punk in the same vein as artists such as MGK, WILLOW, and even his fiancé, Avril Lavigne.


2. “Take Aim” – Bloods
Freaky Friday, Mean Girls, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen… aside from Lindsay Lohan, all of these films have women-led rock n’ roll soundtracks in common. Enter Sydney-based band Bloods and their latest single, “Take Aim,” which fits right at home with that whole vibe. If you told me that this song accompanied Katy Rose’s “Overdrive” or Lillix’s cover of “What I Like About You” on one of those movie soundtracks I’d believe you in a heartbeat, and if you’ve been reading the Weekly Roundup long enough, you know by now that I’m a sucker for throwback sounds of the early 00’s. Long story short: I’m digging this.


3.  “Cardboard Box” – FLO
It’s hard not to think “to the left, to the left” when listening to FLO’s “Cardboard Box.” With lines like “I’ma put your sh*t in a cardboard box / changing my number and I’m changing the locks/ when you can’t get in your heart gonna stop / you may be crying but boy I’m not” it sounds like the perfect companion to Beyonce’s “Irresistible.” But all comparisons aside, this track stands on its own as a banger. FLO is definitely a group you want to pay attention to.


4. “Got Me Good” – DNCE
DNCE really seem to love their food metaphors. Their first single ever, “Cake By The Ocean,” was a non-subtle euphemism for sex on the beach. Now, with their latest track, “Got Me Good,” they’ve built a chorus that revolves around a lover leaving, using a metaphor about “making a meal” but being “left with dishes” (Ok, it’s actually a pretty good line). Throughout the whole track DNCE does what they do best: stay poppy and make you want to move.


5. “4 walls” – Arden Jones w/ Sarcastic Sounds
At just over the 2 minute mark, “4 walls,” the lead single from Arden Jones’ age tape 6 EP is a song that you can’t help but returning to the beginning of once it’s over. The entire release is equal parts commercial pop, singer/songwriter, and hip-hop, bringing to mind artists such as Vance Joy, Twenty One Pilots, or yxngxr1.


You can listen to more of our picks on our Spotify playlist below. Don’t forget to hit that “follow” button!


Full playlist:

1. Two Friends ft. MOD SUN – “Timebomb”
2. Sabrina Carpenter – “Vicious”
3. Sleeping Jesus – “New Years”
4. Jax – “Victoria’s Secret”
5. Bloods – “Take Aim”
6. Tiesto ft. Charli XCX – “Hot In It”
7. Burna Boy – “Last Last”
8. The 1975 – “Part Of The Band”
10. FLO – “Cardboard Box”
11. Baby Queen – “Nobody Really Cares”
12. James Bay – “Give Me The Reason”
13. aespa– “Girls”
14. Madeline the Person – “Why I Broke Up With You”
15. DNCE – “Got Me Good”
16. Ciara ft. Coast Contra – “JUMP”
17. Giant Rooks – “Morning Blue”
18. WARGASM (UK) – “Fukstar”
19. Hope Tala – “Is It Enough”
20. Arden Jones w/ Sarcastic Sounds – “4 walls”
21. Julien Baker – “Guthrie”


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