FLETCHER sells out Chicago’s House of Blues



Rising star FLETCHER sold out Chicago’s House of Blues on Friday, bringing along opening act Julia Wolf.

A singer/songwriter from Queens, NY with a distinct R&B/indie-pop sound; Julia Wolf was dressed for the occasion in a #8 Chicago Bulls jersey. She already had fans in the audience (and definitely gained more during her set) as she performed singles “Villain,” “Hydra,” and “Ghost” intermixed with songs off her 2021 album Girls In Purgatory – which included “Nikes,” “Falling In Love,” and “Resting B*tch Face: Part 2.”

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Lights dimmed as FLETCHER’s band took the stage, all with their own distinct “room” to play in within an elaborate stage piece made to look like a dilapidated graffiti-covered building – complete with fire escapes and ladders. These came in handy, as FLETCHER began her show on top of the building and made her way down to the stage via the ladder as she performed her hit “girls girls girls.”

Dressed in a black leather vest and lace-up boots, FLETCHER (Cari Fletcher) matched the vibe of the stage set as she moved around and performed more of her tracks including “Forever,” “Cherry,” and “If You’re Gonna Lie.”

FLETCHER’s 18-song set was not long enough for her die-hard fans, many of whom have fallen in love with FLETCHER due to her raw lyrics of heartbreak and pain – evident in her unreleased song “Fuck You For Ruining New York City for Me” and her 2020 release “Bitter.”

The night came to an end as FLETCHER closed with “Sex (With My Ex),” “Shh…Don’t Say It,” and “Last Laugh” before leaving the stage.

A demand for an encore was immediate, as fans began chanting “Cari! Cari!” before FLETCHER took the stage once more and looked around the venue in genuine awe at how many people were there for her.

This made the next moment mean so much more, as FLETCHER began to tear up as she told the crowd that during the past few years, she wasn’t sure if she would keep performing or writing. She had to look within herself and write something just for her as a reminder of why she loved performing so much. The end result was an unreleased track titled “For Cari” which she performed for the crowd on her acoustic guitar, before ending the night with her 2021 track “Healing.”

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Photos by Ann Storlie (@ast_lie) and Website

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