Darlin! The Band remember to “Breathe” on new single


When it comes to online dating, you never know what you will find.  Are the people on the other side of the screen being genuine?  How much of a connection do you actually have with each other?  It can be awkward and scary, as you could possibly be talking to someone who might be your soulmate or your next big mistake.  Either way, Darlin! The Band is here to guide you through the enigma of dating apps and strange meet-ups with their new single “Breathe.”

In their synth-based pop track “Breathe,” Darlin! The Band give some much-needed advice for those of us who find dating to be absolutely anxiety-inducing.  Throughout the track, lead vocalist Michael Doshier describes his fears of not knowing what to expect when it comes to talking with people through dating apps and how his anxiety makes him terrified to actually meet these people in-person.   Delicately, he sings, “I dream about you / I think that’s good enough / But you want me and I’m sweating,” showing how strong his emotions take control.  Towards the end of the track, he reminds himself to “breathe through this,” ensuring that all will be okay.  You can check it out in the retro-themed video below.

About the track, Michael explained,

“It is about my experience being terrified to meet up with people on dating apps, out of fear of connection or fear of letting them down and not meeting their expectations or feeling like I wouldn’t know what I was doing.  In the verses, I’m saying that even if I were to get everything else in my life figured out, I would still never get over this particular anxiety, as it is too massive and all-consuming.”

You can listen to “Breathe” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Darlin! The Band:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website


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