Addison Grace welcomes love in bittersweet single “Makes Me Sick”


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Salt Lake City musician Addison Grace put out his second single, “Makes Me Sick,” alongside a thematic music video on March 4. In barely two weeks, the song has already accumulated over 100,000 streams. The 20-year-old TikTok star’s bold, yet soothing music allows listeners to create a home within words that they can make their own. While helping others feel seen in his songs, making music also allows Grace to explore his own identity. His introspective single “I Wanna Be a Boy” — which recently hit 1M streams on Spotify — helped Grace find comfort in using they/he pronouns and has become an anthem for self-exploration. 

“Makes Me Sick” is an ode to self-destruction — the fear of ruining a good relationship pinned against the desire to protect it. The idea for the song came from a call between Grace and their best friend. On the phone, Grace’s best friend shared, “I feel so happy that I feel sick.” 

“I’ll try to ruin this / like my life depends / if I’m being honest / I’m lovesick and I don’t want this to end.”

Grace says, “The entire song is about that back and forth feeling of being so happy in a relationship that, at the same time, you’re also making yourself sick with worry of possibly messing it up.” The music video is meant to represent the cycle of love continuing to find you despite trying to push it away. For Grace, it’s something as simple as accepting flowers from a secret admirer rather than sabotaging the love you feel unworthy of. 

Grace is heading out on a sold out US tour with Cavetown and Tessa Violet next week. The tour kicks off in Buffalo, NY on March 22 and has dates in New York, Boston, LA, Atlanta, Nashville, and more. 

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Alyssa Goldberg
Alyssa Goldberg
Alyssa Goldberg lives in New York. Find her at or on Twitter @alyssaegoldberg.


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