Yungblud and Palaye Royal Shake Terminal 5 in NYC Night 1



Yungblud brought his “Life On Mars” tour to NYC’s Terminal 5 on February 11th and 12th. We were fortunate enough to attend night one of two nights of sold out shows in the beautiful New York City venue. And although the venue itself is beautiful, nothing was as beautiful as the crowd that night. People from all walks of life came together with various pride flags in the air to unite over their favorite artist.

Charlotte Stands kicked the night off by gracing the stage with her electric blue hair which matched her performance energy.

Palaye Royale was next up, and this band is truly the definition of Rock ‘n’ Roll not being dead. They came sprinting out in their loudly pattered clothes, extremely tight pants, and very large hair. They had a very well rounded set playing both older and some of their newer songs. They played for about 40 minutes and had the crowd screaming throughout their whole set. One highlight was when Remington (the lead singer) literally scaled his way up into the balcony by grabbing onto whatever he could climb. In classic Rock ‘n’ Roll fashion, they ended their set by destroying the drum kit.

Last but for sure not least was Yungblud. The show began with a curtain hanging in front of the stage with a pair of red lips explaining what they were about to witness and a few rules (which I won’t ruin here for anyone else going to a show soon). The curtain dropped and there was Yungblud standing center stage as the crowd screamed. He is one of the most energetic performers out there right now. He had to have ran at least seven miles back and forth on stage in his hour and a half set complete with an outfit change, guitar performances, and a ballad with a cherry red piano.

One of the most moving moments of the show was when he pulled a fan up on stage during “Mars.” This person was waving a trans flag in the air throughout the whole song which is about being you and being proud to be you. It also happened to be this fans birthday so I am sure it made that moment even more special for them. See this photo in the gallery below!

There is still about half of the tour left so make sure to catch it in a city near you soon! This is not one to miss!

Photos and words by Alexa Jae

Keep up with Yungblud INSTAGRAM/TOUR/TWITTER

Keep up with Palaye Royale INSTAGRAM/TOUR/TWITTER


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