The Velvicks Unleash Unbridled Rock ‘n’ Roll Energy With New Single “Get Away”


In a musical landscape often stifled by conformity, The Velvicks emerge as a breath of fresh air – not just a band, but a dynamic journey weaving through garage rock, brit rock, and unapologetic rock ‘n’ roll, curated by the charismatic frontman Vick Nader. Today, the Los Angeles-based rockers are releasing their highly anticipated new single “Get Away,” a fist-pumping anthem that encapsulates their revitalized perspective on the golden era of rock.

Originally hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil before making the move to LA, The Velvicks are a sonic whirlwind, their songs riding a rollercoaster of stadium-worthy guitar riffs, daring solos, and rebellious melodies. “Get Away” is no exception, blasting through the speakers with a raw, unleashed energy that dares you not to move.

The raucous new single arrives hot on the heels of their upcoming debut full-length “Greatest Hits.” Recorded at the iconic 606 Studios owned by Dave Grohl, the 10-track album is a sonic tapestry capturing the unique journey of The Velvicks.

Their narrative is one woven with welcome sarcasm, rebellion, and a delightful dash of rock ‘n’ roll decadence. It’s not merely a throwback, but a freshly redefined perspective honoring rock’s golden age while pushing the sound forward.

Guided by the irrepressible Vick Nader, whose sonic roots intertwine with both American rock ‘n’ roll and the vibrant tones of his Brazilian homeland, The Velvicks’ dynamic has been years in the making. After bursting onto the NYC scene in August 2017 with an unforgettable show at Irving Plaza, the band’s fusion of energetic pulse and gritty rebellion took flight.

A move to Los Angeles in 2020 ushered in the latest phase, with a revamped lineup featuring Nader alongside original member Vinny da Silva plus new bandmates Dennis D’Angelo, JV Vidopio, and Caio Moskalkoff. This injection of fresh blood combined with time to woodshed new material set the stage for their current rock ‘n’ roll resurgence.

With “Get Away” and the “Greatest Hits” album, The Velvicks are taking their show on the road for a summer tour blazing across New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nashville and beyond. The run promises to be a sweat-soaked celebration of their uncompromising artistry.

“Whether you’re a seeker of sonic adventures or just in need of a good time, we invite you to join the party,” says Nader. “It’s cool, it’s electric, and it’s exactly what your playlist has been craving. Embrace the chaos with us.”

There’s an unmistakable authenticity driving The Velvicks that is clearly resonating with audiences. This is a band embracing their truest selves – flaws and all – and channeling it into a sound overflowing with personality and unrestrained energy.

As “Get Away” makes its way out into the world today, it serves as the latest calling card for rock ‘n’ roll fans starved of genuine grit and attitude. The Velvicks are bringing it in spades, with plenty more rock debauchery to come.

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