100 gecs Bring the 10,000 gecs Tour to Washington, D.C.


100 gecs brought the 10,000 gecs tour to a sold-out late-night show at DC’s 9:30 Club last week. Before the set, the line for the show wrapped around the entire block for almost a quarter of a mile; it was difficult to determine who had dressed up early for Halloween and who was just dressed up for the general vibe of the show.

The show started at 11:45, with the crowd chanting “GECS GECS GECS GECS” as the iconic hyperpop duo of Laura Les and Dylan Brady took the stage in wizard robes. The stage was set up with 2 comically large speakers against a brick wall backdrop and Brady’s DJ equipment propped up on top of a trash can. They opened with a new unreleased song called “hey big man” and then quickly dove into the ska-inspired fan favorite “stupid horse.” 

They performed a majority of their 1st album, 1,000 gecs, as well as many unreleased songs from their upcoming album, 10,000 gecs that has been delayed to be released in early 2022. Highlights from the immensely entertaining set included classics like “ringtone,” “hand crushed by a mallet,” and an acoustic rendition of “gecgecgec”. Before playing arguably their magnum opus, “money machine,” Laura put on a blonde wig that someone had thrown on stage and exclaimed, “I’m Laura Les for Halloween!”  The show was completely overstimulating in the best way — it felt like fans moshed hard and screamed along to every song.

The 10,000 gecs tour has also spawned a hilarious trend of kids bringing old game consoles like the Nintendo DS and flip phones to take low-quality photos and videos. This trend seems to have spiraled out of control in true random gecs fashion.— now, people are bringing in completely random items to hold up in the crowd including microwaves, Wiis, and DVDs. Specific items seen at the 9:30 Club show included calculators, plastic lawn flamingoes, and soap dispensers that had been stolen off of the wall in a Walmart bathroom.

100 gecs will be back for another sold out show at The 9:30 Club on December 6th — check out our photo coverage from the night below:



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